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HyperX Electric Scooter 700W

Key Features :
1.Motor: 700W
2.Battery : 480WH 48V 10Ah
3.Range : 40KM
4.Speed : 21mph
5.With Seat & Basket

U7 Ebicycle 500W

Key Features:
1.Motor: 750W
2.Battery : 499WH 48V 10.4Ah

U1 Ebike 500W

Key Features:
1.Motor: 500W
2.Battery : 280WH 36V 7.8Ah

s9 pro

S9Pro electric scooter 350W

Key Features:
1. Powerful Performance: Robust 350W max power.
2. lmpressive Speed: Reaches up to 19mph.
3. Long-Range Capability: Travels up to 18 miles.
4.Efficient Battery: 36V 7.5Ah,270Wh capacity.


S9Max electric scooter 500W

Key Feagures:
1.Powerful Motor: 500W for swift acceleration.
2.lmpressive Speed: Reaches up to 20MPH.
3. Long Range: Can travel up to 22 miles
4.High-Capacity Battery: 420Wh 42V 10Ah


GT2 off road electric scooter 800W

Key Features:
1. Powerful Motor: 800W ensures dynamic performance.
2. Sturdy Tires: 11-inch pneumatic for smooth rides.
3.High-Speed: Hits a top speed of 28mph.
4. Extensive Range: Travels up to 28 miles on one charge
5.Long-Lasting Battery: 48V, 15Ah delivering 720Wh.


D4 Electric Bikes 750W

Key Features:
1. Powerful Output: 750W max power for robust performance.
2.lmpressive Speed: Achieves a top speed of 28mph.
3. Extended Range: Travels up to 55 miles or 90KM
4.High-Capacity Battery: 720WH 48V 15Ah for longer rides.

Free electric bikes 500W

Free electric bikes 750W

Key Features:
1.Powerful Motor: 750W ensures robust performance
2.Impressive Speed: Tops at a swift 20mph.
3.Extended Range: Covers an impressive 75 miles.
4.Long-lasting Battery: 960WH 48V 20Ah

isin Company

Isin was established by X FUTURE INC in 2018.
After five years of rapid development, isin has become Top3 brand of Electric Scooter on Amazon.
We have 500 employees , 10000㎡ Factory.
We have Local warehouse & service center in USA & Europe . 


Office 02
Office 01


Top3 Brand of Escooter

isin is Top3 Brand of Escooter
on Amazon USA & Europe

USA & Europe Local Warehouse

You can pick up the goods in small batches
and receive the goods quickly within 3 days.

USA & Europe Local Service Center

Local warehousing across USA & Europe
for worry-free after-sales service

Marketing Support

isin will do lots marketing activities , including PR /
Magazine / KOL Review /etc, to increasing Band Awareness.
Also isin will offer online & offline marketing materials
such as : Product Display / Poster /T-Shirt / etc

Thousand Store Plan

We plan to open 1000 flagship and franchise stores

Exhibition-Sea Otter


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